Transferring at Dongdaemun Station (동대문역에서 갈아타기)

I was transferring from Line 4 to Line 1 at Dongdaemun Station in Seoul. I decided to film it. Come along and see what it looks like!!!


韓国観光に関する情報を、 自分のfacebookでPRするそうです!! どんな方が選ばれるのかなぁ? 他にも、応募者にはプレゼントが あるようですよ~ ソウルメイトのfacebookバージョンかな?




初めてコンドミニアム? レジデンスタイプのホテルに宿泊してみました! 場所は清潭洞。 旅先にいながらもお家に帰ってきた感があり、 なかなか快適に過ごせました♪




明洞聖堂は心が落ち着きます。 そして新しくできた地下にもお邪魔しました^-^

Walking Around Seoul – Yongsan Neighborhood Tour 2 (용산 동네 투어) [Zhiyun Z1 Pround + GoPro]

This is a continuation of my previous Yongsan neighborhood tour video. This time, I walk around some different areas in my neighborhood on my way home. A super awesome bonus is the fact that I am using my new 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, a Zhiyun Z1-Pround. This amazing device electronically uses brushless motors on a 3-axis gimbal system to control the stability of my footage. Technically, this is my first video where I truly test out the capabilities of the Z1-Pround to see how well it handles my “Walking Around Seoul” videos, to create steady, smooth video footage. From what I can see, the video footage is so much better! Very smooth, and very awesome~!!! What do you think? Do you like it? Can you notice a significant difference from previous “Walking Around Seoul” videos? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! ^_^

Visiting the Soopsok Hanbang Land Sauna (숲속한방랜드)

Marie and I visited 숲속한방랜드 (Soopsok Hanbang Land) sauna, near Yonsei University in Sinchon. 숲속 (Soopsok) means “middle of forest.” 한방 (Hanbang) is a name for Korean medicine. 랜드 (Land) This is a 24-hour sauna located in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of busy Seoul city life. It’s a neat little get away to sweat out the previous night’s alcohol or a place to relax and relieve some stress. If in Seoul, take the green 7024 bus. It goes directly to the parking lot. Or take a taxi from Sinchon Station, and tell the driver to go to “Soopsok Hanbang Land.” They will know it right away.


ソウルで見つけたのですが、 夜の横断歩道のすぐれもの!! 点字ブロックの一部がライト点灯します。 もちろん、赤い点灯は赤信号で渡れないとき。 青信号になって色が変わりますよ。 ぼやっとしていても気づく、いいアイデア~ ここは、景福宮駅から近いトンイン市場のそばの横断歩道です。


韓国で使えるという、商品券に当選しました♡♡♡ 3万ウォン分。6月頃に訪韓予定なので、その時に使おうと思います!



Seobu Expressway goes underground

Positive change for Guro and Yeongdeungpo, at the border with Gwangmyeong.