Seoul Traditional Temple Week!

Seoul’s major Buddhist temples, including Jogyesa Temple, the head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, will be hosting “Seoul Traditional Temple Week” from Oct. 10 to 12. Anybody wanting to experience a Korean Buddhist temple is welcome to visit and take part in the event, which will include temple tours and hands-on programs like Buddhist painting. If you post a selfie at the event, organizers will send you a gift, too. VENUE: Jogyesa Temple and other Seoul temples PERIOD: Oct. 10–12 MORE INFO: T. 2031-2000,

ロッテ免税店 関西空港店に行ってみた^_^

9月に、関西空港にロッテ免税店がオープンしました♪ どこにあって、どんなものを置いているのか?とホームページを探しましたが、ロッテ免税店のホームページは相変わらず、不親切な案内で情報といえばかろうじてオープンしたことかな? 大好きなミノくんは、居るのかな?と興味津々。 関空のホームページには、場所と簡単な説明だけがだけ出ていました汗 場所は、国際線ゲート内の真ん中辺りですが、若干、北ウイングが近いような気がしました。 出国審査場を出たら左方向へどうぞ。


ミッションの通知の際、「好きな食堂やレストラン、屋台、お母さんや 奥さんなどご家族が作った料理を食べる等、美味しくミッションをこなしてください。」ってことだったので~ いつも行く大好きなお店のカムジャタン(ソウルで食べたものより美味しい)をPRしたいと思います。

Historic Seoul Building Reopens as Art Museum

One of Seoul’s modern architectural treasures has reopened as a contemporary art museum. The downtown Space Group building was bought in a surprise purchase last year byKim Chang-il, an art collector and founder of Arario galleries. The Arario Museum in Space opened its doors this month with an inaugural exhibition of Mr. Kim’s personal collection, which features over 200 pieces by 43 international artists. The Space building, which overlooks Changgyeong Palace, is steeped in the country’s contemporary history. Constructed in 1971 (a separate glass building was added in 1997), the structure was designed by the pioneering South Korean architect Kim Swoo-geun, and housed his Space Group architectural firm. Kim Chang-il purchased the building last November for $14.6million after Space Group put it up for sale after filing for bankruptcy protection. The Seoul city government and Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. also mulled buying it. Many observers had feared the building might be demolished. The building incorporates elements of traditional Korean hanok architecture and is comprised of an ivy-covered four-story dark brick structure, which houses the museum. The adjoining five-story glass building features various eateries.

Seoul Music Fair Brings Together International Musicians

Under the theme of, “Music Connection@MU:CON,” the fair will run until October 8 in Itaewon, one of the most global neighborhoods in Seoul. The festival, to put it simply, is a combination of multiple events, including a conference in which the world’s important musical figures and industry experts share their ideas on global trends and on music itself. There are also showcased a variety of musical genres and, lastly, networking takes place between entrepreneurs involved in the global music market. 

Seoul City to Promote “Cool Roof” Initiative

In order to reduce the urban heat island effect and save air-conditioning energy, the Seoul metropolitan city government will commence on a campaign to paint the rooftop in white color. To this end, the city government on August 28 appointed “Rooftop Moonlight,” a female duet, as honorary ambassadors for the cause. Painting the rooftop in white can substantially reduce energy requirements for the building by taking advantage of the heat reflection effect. The U.S. federal government is also actively encouraging this as a way to conserve energy. American President Barack Obama once remarked, “Cool roofs are one of the best greenhouse gas reduction strategies.” Some U.S. local governments such as the state of California and the city of Dallas have introduced bills to mandate cool roofs for newly built or renovated buildings. The New York City government also made it obligatory to install cool roofs in more than 75 percent of newly built buildings in terms of rooftop area. Cool roof initiatives have gained so much momentum in the United States that 13 states have offered financing programs for building owners while 14 states provide subsidies to owners who implement cool roof projects. Cool roof is applicable to all kinds of roofs while tree planting on the roof is only possible when the roof is built with concrete. In Korea, the Changwon city government (South Gyeongsang Province) has implemented an experimental program in its roofs.

Seoul Station Overpass Opens to the Public Only for One Day, October 12

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that an event to open the Seoul Station overpass will be held for the public to take a stroll and enjoy a breathtaking panorama of Seoul, with traffic entirely blocked from the noon to 4 P.M. on October 12. The overpass has never been allowed to walk for 44 years since its construction. The best place to relish a scenic view is the 450 meter-long section from the building of Seoul Square to West Station, which has a find view of Seoul, including skyscrapers, a highway along with the Han River, Seoul Station Square, and even Mt. Gwanak. “The Seoul Station overpass that features its narrow, tall, and short path offers an open and spectacular view, whereas the High Line in New York as a wide, low, and long walkway runs through skyscrapers that block a fine view,” Along with the scenic views, this event will be inundated with pleasant and informative activities. For instance, as a main event, there will be a series of parades along the road paved with flowers. Street performers will entertain visitors all over the venue. Numerous professionals will take part in this event, explaining the cultural heritage and historical sites of the area. Also, there will be a photo exhibition in which the public can enjoy the photos of the Seoul Station overpass in the past, along with those of Promenade plantee, a famous walkway in Paris, and the High Line. “This event will be the only chance that the public can see whether it deserves its preservation as a cultural and historical heritage as they talk a walk along and feel the Seoul Station overpass,” said Oh Hae-young, the director of Green Seoul Bureau in the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Happy – not only Pharrell-wise

Seoul\’s latest Happy video shows a wider range of spots and Seoulites, but I\’d you to clap along yet an other video as well. Certainly less fun, but likely to move you in many different ways.


For more news about Korea in portuguese: #HappySeoul is an unofficial, non-commercial music video to the Pharrell Williams song “Happy”, from the film “Despicable Me 2, made by a group of expats and Koreans living in Seoul. #HappySeoul Credits: Directed by: Raoul Dyssell Produced by: Raoul Dyssell + Allan Choi D.O.P: Daniel Smukalla Choreographer: Ma-Abena Edited by: Raoul Dyssell Coloring by: Daniel Smukalla + Oro Padron Co-Producers: Woonjong Jeon, Joohee Shim + Esther Jie Graphic Design: Nick Neon 1st A.D: Esther Jie, Bokyoung Choi 2nd A.D: Mikhail Motala Assistant Camera: Michael Lindberg Sound Mastering: Seokdo Yoon BTS: Johan Ahn + Mikhail Motala Production Company: Roll The Dice Pictures GROUPS: Last For One ( Korean Ukulele Music Association ( Real Freerun Djembe Korea (…) Urban Play ( Ground Jam ( Manshigan ( Lee Action Stunt Team PEOPLE: Aleki Django Alyssa Bayer Chung Shinyeob Danny Kim Doo Seok Yoon Dreamer One Lee + Jinhee Park Dubhan Conroy Eunmee Mia Lee Gee Gee Lee Ghunhee Shim Hee Wook Ahn + Hee Tae Ahn Hyun Seok Yoon Jay Kim Ji-Yeon Woo Jung Ah Jung KyungMin Jeong Lucia Choi Nevada Rhodes (…) Olivie IH-Prost Rydia Kim Stacy Kim Soojin Park Sieun Oh Sae-Il Oh + Jihee Kim & Jarin Oh + Daun Oh Sun Lim Sydney Langford Tae Young Lee Yeonseo Seo Yennie Shon + Gyoung Ga Kwak Wonseo Yeom PLACES: Seoul Metropolitan Government Lotte World Ice Skating Rink Mercenatpolis IFC Mall Nanji Hangang Park Swimming Pool Jogyesa Temple (http:// ( Suninjae Guesthouse HA:US Guesthouse ( Gowon Elementary School Poco-Grande ( Noryangjin Fishmarket Youl Bar Yura.In Studio (

A story about jjajangmyeong/jjambong, tangsooyook

A couple of years back, jjajangmyeon is one of the most featured dishes in Kdrama, together with 라면 ramyeon eaten out from a golden pot/pot cover. When I was first told that it’s customary to order jjajangmyeong/jjambong, tangsooyook after moving house, I couldn’t quite understand. Do you know the reason?

Nami island

My autumn experience in Nami island. Although not winter, it still looks stunning when the trees are covered in beautiful autumn colors.

Flowers from hell

Flowers, hell, limbs and Orpheus, all based in Oriental scenery. A new performance “Tales of Flowers” in Uijeongbu Arts Center.