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  • Yeouido Cherry Blossoms (가까이서 보이는 여의도 벚꽃)

  • Maria Ayala 549

    Seoul is a wonderful city to live in. There are many sights and sounds to experience! This video was filmed on April 11th, during the Cherry Blossom festival at Yeouido Park, along the Han River in Seoul. Cherry blossoms (벚꽃 ‘beotkkot’) are all over South Korea and there are many festivals revolving around the blossoming of these beautiful trees around the country. In Seoul, the most popular place to see these trees is at Yeouido Park. Literally, hundreds of thousands of people come to Yeouido to experience the cherry blossom festival, take pictures, have picnics and play in the park. It’s a great time for families and friends to enjoy the spring weather after a long and cold winter. It almost becomes a mad rush to see cherry blossoms because they only stay in full bloom for about 10 days and then petals begin to fall right away. After just one rain fall, almost 75% of the petals will be washed away to the ground. This video was filmed with a Sony A7s, all post editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Speedgrade CC.