Clubbing in Hongdae, Seoul

I\’ve been clubbing in Hongdae many times during my trip in Korea and I just wanted to share one if my favourite Clubs there with you! We went there many times because the parties there were amazing~ on new years eve they had a countdown party and invited a famous korean girl as a dj haha It was a crazy amazing night One reason we went there many times is the foreign staff we met at there, she gave us a free drink and told us about free entry. She is a German girl and her name is Marina. Everytime we go to Vera we got free entry if we mentioned her name 😀 So we had amazing nights with free entry and free drinks at there 🙂 The name of the club is Vera, it\’s located in Hongdae near exit number 9~ So you wanna enjoy amazing nights with free entry and drinks just mention her name at the ticketdesk. Just wanted to share my great experience and hope you guys will have as much fun as I had!



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K-Smile Campaign spreads good will

Hong Young-shin’s main job working for the Korea Railroad Corporation is to manage Wonju Station in Gangwon, but around here, she also is known as “Ms. Smile of Korea.” “Well, people say I’m the stationmaster with the most beautiful smile in the country,” she said. “I believe a smile makes people open up more easily.” Including Hong, eight people in the tourism industry were recognized this year for the K-Smile Campaign, which comes ahead of the 2016-18 Visit Korea Years initiative in the lead-up to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Kumho Asiana Group Chairman Park Sam-koo, who heads the Visit Korea Committee, was in charge of making the final selection. Candidates were recommended by local district offices and other tourism-related state-run agencies. Those chosen will represent the image of Korea to foreign tourists. More detail in my blog.

Korea – Immediate tax refund benefit upon purchase

Starting from January 1, 2016, foreign tourists will be eligible for immediate tax refunds when purchasing goods at a duty-free shop. Foreign tourists can now save time and effort in getting a tax refund, rather than having to pay the full price with tax included and then file a tax refund at the airport before departure. In 2016, customers will have access to an immediate duty-free return for non-Korean citizens who purchases of less than 200,000 won, and with a total price not exceeding 1 million won per visit. Also, those who use tax refund services for each item worth more than 50,000 won will no longer have to go through the existing inspection process. A screening procedure will be carried out only on selected purchases according to criteria at each local customs office in charge of the port of departure. The much-requested, prompt tax refund system aims to reduce the waiting time to receive a tax refund, making tourists’ trips more pleasant and convenient.

Seoul Trolley – New open-top double-decker bus in Seoul

Seoul Metropolitan City has recently added half-top double-decker buses to their fleet. The new buses have a total of 65 seats with 45 being on the second level; the first 20 seats are covered with a glass ceiling while the remaining 25 seats are traditional open-top seats. This half open-top combination is perfect for those who want to enjoy a wide open view throughout the year, as the existing open-top buses were not ideal during the cold winter and the scorching hot summer.