A wonderful museum about make up and cosmetics in Seoul

Seoul have amazing museums, one of them its the Coreana Art an Culture Complex. You can find all about traditional korean makeup and several objects about korean culture and cosmetics. www.brazilkorea.com.br its a website all portuguese, but the original article (in english) its in the link in the end of the text.

Endless food choices in Gwangjang Market

There’s so many food choices in Gwangjang Market 광장시장… Not only that, pack your favourite Kimchi and other korean side dishes from this traditional market. The store owner will pack it nicely and plane-appropriate if you tell them it’s meant to bring back to your country.

Seoul Forest(서울숲)

Opened on June 18, 2005, Seoul Forest had previously undergone a series of changes on Ttukseom (Ttuk Island). In the past the forest had been a royal hunting ground for kings and served as a military inspection facility. But, in more recent decades the area has served a wide variety of functions. Ttukseom initially served as a water-treatment facility, and later as a golf course, horse racing track, and eventually a sports park. Consisting of five parks spread over 350,000 pyeong (approximately 1.16 million ㎡) of land, Seoul Forest is an eco-friendly zone appreciated not only by the people of the city but also those visiting Seoul. Seoul Forest is rapidly developing into the premium city-park of Korea like Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York.

Water-powered phone chargers are coming to downtown Seoul

Water-powered phone chargers are coming to downtown Seoul !! Welcome to the first week of Autumn for 2014 in Seoul, the city that just keeps on getting smarter, as demonstrated by the recent news that citizens will soon be able to recharge their cell phones at the Cheonggyecheon via hydroelectric turbines installed in the urban stream’s flowing waters. Unless you’ve made a habit of carrying around a solar charger, topping off your phone outdoors can be a bit of a challenge. Well, unless you’re living in South Korea. The city of Seoul just announced that it’s building a series of outdoor recharging stations along the Cheonggyecheon, a manmade stream in the city’s downtown area. The chargers won’t draw from the city’s power grid, however — they’ll draw current from a collection of hydroelectric turbines embedded in the stream. The project’s developer says the stations will be able to fully charge most devices in 2-3 hours. If the five stations currently in production turn out to be a hit, the city says it will consider expanding the network. See? Low battery life is no excuse for avoiding the great outdoors.

The 12th Seoul International Walking Festival

The 12th Seoul International Walking Festival Date: September 20 ~ 21, 2014 (Saturday & Sunday) Location: Namsangol Traditional Korean Village (남산골한옥마을) Directions: Subway Line No.3, No.4, Chungmuro Station(충무로역), Exit 3,4, within 1-minute walking distance. Walking Course: Sep. 20, Saturday, From 17:30, Walking in the Moonlight(달빛걷기),8km Sep 21, Sunday, From 9:30, 5km, 10km, 25km. After the walking, prizes will be given out to people randomly chosen. (Asics Walking Shoes, Asics back pack, hats etc.) Register Participation: Registration Fee 10,000KRW. Deadline for Registration: September 16th, 2014. ● Part of the registration fee will be used as scholarship fund for youth of Jung-gu Office. ● Asics T-shirts will be given to every participant as souveniors. ● All participants will receive: event participation certificate, souveniors, course map, a player’s uniform, badge, walking record, gift card. Student participants: No Registration Fee. 1. All student participants will receive event participation certificate, couse map, a player’s uniform, badge, gift card. 2. Certificate to recognize this event as volunteer work hours. Sep. 20, Saturday, Walking in the Moonlight(달빛걷기),3 hours Sep 21, Sunday, From 9:30, 5km(2 hours) , 10km(3 hours), 25km(5 hours) How To Apply: Korea Athletic Promotion Association Homepage: www.walking.or.kr, to apply online. Enquiry: Korea Athletic Promotion Association Office. 02)2274-7077, 02)2272-2077


韓国観光応援団の8月ミッション!!! 【ツーリズムEXPOジャパン】の韓国ブースで あればいいな!!!!を書いています★

弘大 Chloris tea & coffee 古典歐式咖啡廳 法式香蕉巧克力薄餅

位於弘大正門口前的Chloris tea & coffee 古典歐式咖啡廳 美味法式香蕉巧克力薄餅 推薦一試!

多彩다채 無限生菜包飯


弘大 老奶奶手藝的韓食餐廳 솔내 한옥집

坐落在傳統韓屋內, 並由兩個老奶奶所經營, 包辦一切料理 料理中不加任何人工調味料, 也盡量使用最少的醬油類 這樣更能品嘗出食材的原味

Itaewon, the Trendy Place in Seoul on Fridays

This week our website (www.brazilkorea.com.br)shows where is the hottest spot for young people in Seoul. http://brazilkorea.com.br/?p=13358 Its in portuguese but the original(in english) its in the link in the end of the article.

Hangang Parks In Seoul !!

The Hangang Parks are located on the river banks of the Hangang River that flows through Seoul. There are 12 parks that make up the Hangang Parks. In 1982 the Hangang River Development Project was launched and completed in 1986. As time went by the buildings, roads and construction left limited access to some of the parks and the parks became less known and used by people. In 2007 a new project was launched called the Hangang Renaissance Project. The Hangang Renaissance project is a huge undertaking and started in 2007 and will finish up in 2030. The project will transform the parks and areas around the Hangang River into a place of culture, art, leisure and riverside cities. There are many aspects that will be addressed but the main theme is creation and restoration. Each of the park area has a special theme that will be used as a basis to develop the park and surrounding area. The main goal of the Hangang Parks in the 1980′s was to create an environmentally friendly space that the citizens of Seoul, Koreans, foreigners and tourists could enjoy. That is still the plan with the Renaissance project. The parks are also sometimes referred to the Hangang Citizens Parks. Throughout the parks you can find an abundance of sporting facilities (over 257) including soccer fields, skateboarding and in-line skating parks, tennis courts, hiking / biking trails and many many more facilities. Plenty of water related sports are available and swimming pools. All year round there is something for people to enjoy at the Hangang Parks. Many events and festivals are held at each park. Here is the list of Hangang Parks. Hangang Gangseo Park Hangang Park Nanji Hangang Mangwon Park Hangang Seonyudo Park Hangang Yanghwa Park Hangang Yeouido Park Hangang Ichon Park Hangang Banpo Park Hangang Jamwon Park Hangang Ttukseom Park Hangang Jamsil Park Hangang Gwangnaru Park Get out and explore one of the many Hangang Parks in Seoul. All parks are open 24 hours a day.