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It’s contest time again! This time, I’m giving away 2 sets of vouchers for a free hanbok rental, courtesy of Oneday Hanbok. Bring along a friend to be photographed in Korea’s traditional dress at Seoul’s most iconic landmarks! You can even borrow Polaroid cameras and “selfie sticks” to ensure your experience is captured in the best way! TO WIN: Click this post and in the comments on Facebook, reply with the one place in Seoul you would like to visit most dressed in hanbok.

5 Day Trips from Seoul

Korea is a rather small country. In fact, it’s possible to travel from Seoul in the north to Busan on the southern coast in a matter of a few hours by KTX, the nation’s high speed train. So technically, any city could possibly be classified a day trip. However, there are a few destinations located particularly close to the capital and are all accessible by Seoul’s efficient and affordable subway, making them the perfect day trips to get a feel for life outside the big city. Check them out! (READ MORE)

Korea’s Best Grocery Delivery Websites

Seoul is, without a doubt, one of the most convenient places to live in the world. It’s a 24 hour city, with businesses remaining open until the wee hours of the morning. It boasts an incredibly efficient and affordable transportation system. And you can get just about anything delivered to your house. Including groceries. Which is particularly handy when you live in the hilltops of Gyeongnidan like myself. Here is a list of helpful websites to use when you don’t feel like hauling around heavy bags of veggies or fighting ajumma in chaotic supermarkets. (READ MORE)

Sampling Seoul: A Night Dining Tour with O’ngo Food Communications

Sample the vibrant flavors of Korean cuisine in Seoul’s hidden restaurants and markets. (READ MORE)

Top 10 Things to Do in Seoul

Forget what the guidebooks tell you. These are the best things to do to experience all the wonders of Seoul.

Hanging Out in Hyehwa

What to see, eat, do and drink in Seoul’s theater district. (READ MORE)

Brazilian Festival 2014

Was a wonderful weekend in Seoul, celebrating the brazilian independence day. The Embassy of Brazil in Seoul held a festival to show the brazilian culture. The BRAZILIAN FESTIVAL 2014 happens on the Marronnier Park, with traditional Brazilian foods and products + Show by Quinteto Violado, accompanied by Coreyah Ensemble, Flutist Hyejin Yoon + Brazilian Dance group + Children’s short film screening by Maurício de Sousa + Samba Percussion by Brazilian students + Samba Circle by Valtinho Anastácio + Brazilian Music Workshop by Quinteto Violado, accompanied by Coreyah Ensemble, Flutist Hyejin Yoon + Brazilian Dance group + Capoeira Group. And still have a few things to see: 18 Sept – 6pm – Embassy of Brazil, 4th Floor Brazilian Movie Special Screening \’STOMACH\’ by Marcos Jorge + Q&A with Rodrigo Braune (MA in film) 19 Sept to 15 Oct – Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Design Museum Exhibition: Roger Mello\’s Wonderful World of Color

2014 グローバルソウルメイト 記念品


63 Building

Introduction : With 63 floors measuring a height of 264m, the 63 Building is Korea’s tallest and most recognized building. The 63 Building boasts spectacular views of the Hangang River and the surrounding mountains of Bugaksan Namsan and Gwanaksan. 63 Building has undergone considerable renovation and the basement floor boasts convenient facilities including 63 Sea World, 63 IMAX theater, Korea’s greatest buffet restaurant “Buffet Pavilion,” and a host of other restaurants. * 63 Sea World Basement first floor 16,119 square feet, basement second floor 16,724 square feet, and basement third floor (technology room) 5,515 square feet, totaling 38,358 square feet. Within this large-scale space, there are 54 regular aquarium displays, 26 special organism breeding aquariums, and other aquariums adding up to 80. In addition, specially created aquarium is 2m 10cm in height, 42m in circumference, water capacity of 200tons, and 11cm of transparent acryl. Other than aquarium displays which consist of 400 different kinds of over 20,000 of water organisms, there are also reptiles exhibitions and event hall is separately located in 63 Sea World in order to present unique ocean scenes. Ocean Family Show (seal, fur seal, diver show) can only be enjoyed at 63 Sea World. It is very unique and extraordinary which interests the audience presenting interesting scenes. * 63 Sky Deck 63 Sky Deck, many visitors come every year, is 264m above the sea level, and 249m above the ground level is providing feelings as if floating above the clouds. Together with Han River’s water flow and view of the city lead it to be Korea’s representative tourist route. In addition, Sky Deck’s recreation facilities provide unique experience for the visitors and its various special exhibitions provide educational and cultural learning. *63 IMAX theater 63 IMAX theater is Korea’s the first IMAX theater which opened in July, 1985 with 504 seats. There are eight special seats for handicapped audiences and simultaneous interpretation services are available in four different languages. Surround sound system is used; there are six vast speakers in the front and two in the back for the best quality of sound. 63 IMAX theater is international standard size of six floor building and its film is ten times the regular movie, 35mm, providing three times the 70mm movie.


在首爾只有血拼的緊湊行程嗎?還是不知道要去哪邊走走呢? 如果想要悠閒的時光,介紹一個漫步首爾的好地方:北村韓屋村。 北村是之前朝鮮時代開始貴族居住的地方,它位於景福宮跟昌德宮之間,保留許多美麗的韓屋而有名。 沿著坡需要慢慢走,也有許多小巷弄可以探索。 我很早之前排行程的時候就把北村排進去,但計畫總是趕不上變化,沒有一次去成。 好不容易在2013年我獨自一人在首爾流浪,終於拜訪了這個美麗的地方。 正式參觀北村韓屋村之前,建議大家先去北村文化中心。北村文化中心有些北村的介紹,還有地圖可以拿,可以先在後面的亭子研究一下路線圖。 此外,也可以到北村遊客諮詢中心租借語音導覽,讓你的漫步北村之旅更有意義。 租借的方式很簡單,只要跟服務人員說要租語音導覽,用護照抵押即可。 租好語音導覽之後,就可以開始漫步北村囉!出發~Go Go!!

~* My Unforgettable Travel Story – Seoul, Korea *~

Just coming back from my Korea trip and I already miss Korea ! There are a lot of things that I miss so I decide to write this post as my diary for ~* My Unforgettable Travel Story – Seoul, Korea *~ First, I’m gonna start with …

두실 농실가 韓牛排骨湯

這間大家推薦的韓牛排骨湯 看起來似乎還蠻厲害 二話不說馬上前往