Happy National Foundation Day/ Gaecheonjeol/ 개천절

Gaecheonjeol is a day to celebrate the state of Gojoseon, ancient Korea.. and being a long weekend, many Koreans visited Jeju… Ever though of camping in Korea? I did!

2014年!8泊9日韓国旅行⑲ JUNSU December 

JYJ ジュンスが主演したミュージカル December とっても良かったです。 また見たい。

2014年!8泊9日韓国旅行⑱ 牡蠣料理모려(モリョ)


흑돈가 黑豚家 濟州辣炒豬肉 經濟實惠午餐定食




K.cook Korean BBQ buffet, in Singapore

Miss all the yummy korea bbq you had in Seoul? A few more months before your next trip to Seoul? Other than having BBQ at home, there is always a new kid on the block, in Singapore – K.cook Korean BBQ buffet.

Korean BBQ at home!

Miss korea bbq? Exactly how we felt, hence we prepared our own – different kind of fish, salmon belly, different cut of pork, small corns, mushrooms, onions & garlic, capsicum, lettuce & butterhead wraps, Kimchi and everything else to make it as close to a Korean BBQ as possible – including harvesting our homegrown perilla leaves that’s not big enough as wraps yet, making Ssamjang (recipe from Maangchi), as well as basil leaves. In fact we prepared so much food (probably enough for 10 when there is only 4 of us?) and ended up not BBQ-ing the sausages, more meat and eggplant.

Korean Air launches new website!

Oh I am so excited, because frankly many airlines’ websites today still aren’t the friendliest. Take for instance, the many legacy old buttons that you have to click through in order to book a flight (sometimes I don’t even know if the website has hang on me, or it has yet to register my click) and how the entire buying-of-air-ticket process is not as swift and convenient as you wish for. This is despite the fact that we are seeing much more interactive interfaces elsewhere. After surfing around the new Korean Air website (on chrome), boy, it feels so modern with all its new features! So different that it makes you forget their old look almost instantly! Read my post to find out more!

JYJ’S Junsu’s Hotel, Jeju Toscana Hotel (and maybe where else to stay in Jeju)

One of the Incheon Asian Games honorary ambassadors JYJ’s Junsu’s Jeju Toscana Hotel is also finally opening on 25 September 2014 – JYJ fans must be waiting anxiously to stay there. If not, Memory in Jeju Pension (where I stayed previously) is just 10-15 minutes away!

My Autumn experience in Korea

Have you wonder how would autumn looks like in Korea? How will those deep autumn-ful colors looks like blanketing the trees? Or how would autumn looks like in Seoul Tower or Nami island?

Seoul International Dance Festival

The Seoul International Dance Festival (SIDance) will launch its 12th edition with 33 innovative dance works from around the world starting next month. Dance companies from 15 countries will present some of their best works at cultural venues such as Seoul Arts Center and Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Complex from Oct. 5 to 24. “There have been many dance festivals since our first in 1998, but we still aim for the same objectives,” Lee Jong-ho, the artistic director of SIDance, said during a press conference last week in central Seoul. “First, we chose works that the audience can sympathize with and connect to, and second, we try to stage performances that are not too abstract or difficult. The bottom line is that we want people to enjoy the event.” This year boasts one of the best lineups ever, divided into four main categories: Dance Meets Music, Dance Meets Movies, Dance Meets Media Art and Dance Meets Literature.

Noonnamujip(눈나무집) in Samcheongdong

Hello everyone! I am going to introduce a recent HOT place to eat in Seoul, especially among young Koreans today. It’s located in Samcheongdong, close to Insadong(where people usually go for souvenir shopping) or Bukchon Hanok Village(where people go to see traditional houses), so you can have a lot to see by visiting this area. This area has many cool design shops, cafés, and famous restaurants-today’s one is one of them for its delicious ‘Tteokgalbi(Grilled Short Rib Patties)’ and Kimchi noodle-cold noodle soup with Kimchi. Above all, it’s really fantastic to eat Tteokgalbi at REASONABLE price. If you are interested in travelling one of the three areas, why don’t you try this restaurant? You can find it easily by remembering it’s a four-storeyed building and has a big TREE inside for the interior.