Hello! Everyone! I am going to introduce another good place to eat in Seoul today, A BAKERY CAFÉ with a name showing their brand philosophy about home-made food as if cooked by MOMMY-this is the most trendy one among a number of newly launched bakery cafés. They have many things on their menu: sandwitches, soups, paninis, salads, and etc, and of course, all of them are FRESHLY MADE at their kitchen each time the order is taken. Ricotta cheese salad and Honey Camembert cheese panini are the most popular menus-and especially, you SHOULD try the Honey Camembert cheese panini as it tastes so nutty-it has almonds toppings- and deliciously sweet. Why don’t you have it for your lunch today? You can easily find this cafe as they have many branches all over Seoul.

Namdaemunno/Toegyero‘Design Seoul Street

The Namdaemun-ro street, many foreign tourists’ favorite, has reinvented itself into a shopping haven perfect for relaxation in the wake of the Design Seoul project. The following changes are being made to improve the quality of shoppers’ experiences in the area: building a square at the entrance to Myeong-dong; relocating bus stops and street vendors; securing a higher level of pedestrian convenience; planting pine trees along major streets; and re-arranging thread in the past, were overhauled and revamped to create some harmony and balance, adding to the charm of the street representing the city of Seoul and the finance and distribution industries of Korea. The Toegye-ro street has added modernity and efficiency to its traditional elegance by relocating and rearranging its street furniture while the newly paved ramp to the Hanok Village has boosted the safety and convenience of the tourists visiting here. The pine street trees have been said to symbolize well the historical and cultural identity of the street located along the ridge of Mt. Nam. Also anticipated is a significant sales increase for local shopping centers and stores.

Chungmuro Pet Street

The Chungmuro 4(sa)-ga and 5(oh)-ga Streets from the Chungmuro Station (Subway line No.4) to Hullyeonwon-romake the biggest pet shop street of the country, home to 40 or so such shops, vet hospitals for pet medical checkups, vaccinations and treatment, beauty salons for pets and more. Well-known also overseas, a lot of pet-owning foreign tourists visit here.

The tale of Chunhyang – a dance of love.

A must see performance for music, ballet and theatre lovers. Plan it as a part of your trip to Seoul! […] seeing all those lines and crosses almost made me feel special, as I had an opportunity to snick into the private and intimate relationship between actors and the stage.

The Supyo Bridge

This Bridge is a stone bridge crossing the Chunggwe stream and called as a Supyo Bridge by setting up the Supyo which is a device of calculating the level of water. The bridge on the stream(Current Chunggwe Stream) running through the center of Hanyang was made by soils or woods in the early chosun dynasty but it had replaced as a stone bridge since the year of King Taejong; Supyogyo was also replaced as a stone during the year of King Taejong and King Sejong. It was relocated during the restoration project of Chunggwe stream in 1958 and again found its original place in 1965. The long, width and height of the bridge is 27.5m, 7.5m and 4m respectively and all are granite stones. The low side of the bride has the diamond shape to reduce the resist of the water. The wood rain gauge bad been set up in the western side of the bridge in 1441 (23rd year of king Seojong) and was changed to stones during king Seongjong. In 1760(36th year of king yongjo), the words ´Gyong Jin Ji Pyeong´ was enscribed on the bridge and it became the method of calculating the level of water in for stages; it was evolved as a underwater footnote table which check the water level by itself. The Supyo(Treasure No. 838) was with the Supyogyo but was relocated to the King Sejong Great Memorial Hall.

International Artists Flock to Seoul

Seoul, the birthplace of Korea’s newly found global popularity, is now steadily becoming known as a land of opportunity for many non-Korean artists and entrepreneurs. A growing number of these international artists are gathering in the capital to create their works of art.



‘Star Trek 3’ to Shoot Scenes in Seoul

The Star Trek 3 news is coming thick and fast it seems. After William Shatner teased his return in the upcoming third installment of the re-boot, we have news that parts of the movie will shoot in Seoul, South Korea according to a report in the Korea Observer published Monday. The Korea Observer cities a Facebook post from the mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, who may have unwittingly let the cat out of the bag regarding the shoot. “Today I met with Jeffrey Chernov, producer of Star Trek 3, at the Paramount Pictures Studio and agreed to film a portion of the upcoming movie in Seoul,” Park said in his Facebook post. Seoul is presently a popular location for Hollywood, with the Wachowski’s upcoming Sense8 to be filmed in the city. Avengers 2 was also partially shot in Seoul earlier this year, with The Korea Observer reporting that the Korea elements of the film will make up 15 to 20 minutes of the run time.

弘大 炸雞 CHICKEN IN THE KITCHEN 치킨 인 더 키친

Channel A頻道 “먹거리x파일” (食物X檔案)中的착한식당 良心食堂系列 這天來弘大探訪良心炸雞 CHICKEN IN THE KITCHEN 之所以被認證為良心炸雞在於 店家採用新鮮雞肉&天然原材料所做成的炸雞 經過兩年研究開發出來的炸雞醬料 使用由洋蔥 生薑 迷迭香 及蘿勒所製造而成的醬料 另外這家醃蘿蔔也不同於其他家 採用國產蘿蔔 加上新鮮檸檬醃製 新鮮雞肉則兩天進貨一次 當天只現炸固定分量 絕不使用超過兩天的雞肉


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