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Fall in Love with Korea 2nd Event

Get ready for a virtual running trip through beautiful Seoul!

Ever wanted to take a look around the city of Seoul, but don’t have the time or money to spare?  Run@Seoul has announced a fun project that will allow people from all over the world to travel through Seoul–without needing to even leave their computer screens!


旭松の「白湯スープ春雨」にコチュジャンとご飯を入れてクッパ風にして食べます。 色々な春雨入のスープを試したのですが、この組み合わせが一番好きです。 白湯スープだけだと少しもの足りない韓国料理好きとしては、何か足さなくては!!と考えた軽食♪ この辛味ジャンは、大阪のコリアタウンにある「流れる千年」さんで購入しました★ 日本人向けの辛くない甘味のあるコチュジャンは、おでんの具にからしの代わりに、そして、餃子のタレに混ぜて使ったり、関西風のおうどんには、七味の代わりに使っても美味しいですよ~


駅で見かけて撮りました(苦笑) ホームページを見てみたのですが、ポスターほどのインパクトがなくて笑 去年、韓国語を勉強している民団の受付で呼び止められ、何?って思ったら「四天王寺ワッソ!で衣装付けて行列に参加しないか?」と言われ、あいにく予定があったのでお断りした次第ですが、楽しかったかも!?と、若干残念でした☆ 屋台が出たり伝統舞踊を見たりできるようですし、今年は、大好きなアンミカさんも参加されるみたいですし楽しみです♪

Seoul hotel’s recognised with Gold Level from EarthCheck

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul COEX have acquired Gold Level from EarthCheck, becoming the first organisations in Korea to achieve this level of certification. Both hotels have established energy and environmental committees in 1989 and have created energy conservation and environmental programs such as activities in reducing waste, setting energy conservation goals and placing green cards in guest rooms to indicate when guests would like their linen and bath towel replaced. The two hotels have also been involved in recycling waste products, as all food waste are processed as fertilisers and minimizing pollutants used in farms. Darren Morrish, general manager of Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, said: “We are very happy that our effort and dedication to become the first Gold Level accredited organisation in Korea has been accomplished and we shall continue to look for effective and efficient ways of improving and setting the benchmark as an eco-friendly and focused business.” EarthCheck is managed by the global environmental advisory, EC3 Global, which pursues sustainable environmental conservation by assisting international organizations in developing environmental preservation systems and manages and issues environmental certificates.


A horde of adorable Pikachus will be storming the streets of Seoul on Saturday to celebrate the first Korean pro-gamer to win the Pokemon Video Game World Championship. Seoul will be hosting a two-day Pokemon Champions Day event at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza on November 15 and 16. Event activities include card game tournaments, pop quizzes and an interview with Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby game developers Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori. However, the highlight of the celebration is “Pikachu Show Time,” a live performance by Pikachu mascots, which will be staged four times per day from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m

Come and taste rice beer in Insa-dong

The 2014 Makgeolli Festival is now underway in and around the neighborhood of Insa-dong in Seoul. Aimed at raising international awareness of makgeolli, the range of traditional Korean rice beers, especially the kind brewed with newly-harvested rice, the four-day festival is full of events that allow visitors to sample a range of the traditional rice liquor. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs hosted the event on October 30 to mark Makgeolli Day, the last Thursday in October. Makgeolli Day was first designated in 2011 as a day to unveil to the world a new line of makeolli made of rice that had been freshly harvested. “I’d say that agriculture is the roots, deeply embedded in the soil, whereas makgeolli is the flower that is blooming above ground,” said Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Lee Dong-phil during the opening ceremony on October 30. “Hopefully, this traditional Korean beer will become something that is beloved both domestically and internationally.” On the day, other makgeolli festivals were being run concurrently in Shanghai and in Tokyo, as well as in Gangnam-gu (District) in southern Seoul. Videos of people raising high their bowls of makgeolli for a toast were broadcast in real time online. “Our hope is that this festival will make makgeolli better known in other countries and will bring a breath of fresh air to the popularity of the traditional booze,” said an official from the agriculture ministry. “The government plans to help companies develop makgeolli markets beyond Korea, in China and Southeast Asia, too.” The makgeolli festival continues until November 2. During that time, more than 70 booths have been set up across Insa-dong and in some other crowded neighborhoods of Seoul, including Gangnam, Hongdae and Mugyo-dong, allowing people to sample makgeolli from the eight main provinces of mainland Korea.


2014仁川アジア競技大会開会式に参加してきました☆ 三日間のツアーでしたが記事はかなりの数でアップしていますので良かったらご覧下さいね。仁川という都市が空港と言うイメージだけではなくてとても素敵な都市という事も今回のツアーで発見しました。三年前に訪れた時とは全く違う仁川を感じて帰ることが出来ましたしこれから又時間が在る時改めて仁川という街をゆっくり時間を掛けて回ってみたいと想う場所でしたとても素敵な都市仁川が益々好きになりました☆


ソウル市様、グローバルソウルメイトの皆さんアンニョンハセヨ☆ ソウルメイトのhanirujikusonですサイトにログインが出来なくてミッションをクリアできずに終ってしまいましたが 一応upしておきたいと想います。宜しくお願い致します☆これからももっと努力して行きたいと想いますので宜しくお願い申し上げます☆

Seoul Screens Architecture Film Festival

A special kind of festival has just kicked off in Seoul, an event designed to help better understand architecture and to glimpse architectural trends both domestically and across the world. 


昌德宮祕苑 我想還沒到楓葉全盛期 大部分都還是綠葉居多 有些小失望 不過還是賞楓賞得很開心 此外 因為是賞楓期 不必一路跟著導覽 所以導致迷路找不到我想要出去的出口(導覽只帶回到原來入口) 在裡頭繞了整整兩圈 也因如此 現在祕苑對我來說不在是迷宮了..


入住樂天飯店的行政套房可享免費自助早餐、下午茶、雞尾酒服務。Check-in的31層Club Lounge享受下午茶,這裡的風景好棒,可以看到很清楚的N首爾塔,Club Lounge裡還設有不用投錢的望遠鏡,完全看到過癮。免費的下午茶以小點心居多,小小塊的蛋糕、馬卡龍、手工三明治等等,不吃飽只吃巧,新鮮果汁、可樂、啤酒、咖啡、水都是基本,要吃喝什麼全部自行取用,是享受吶!