Enjoy Seoul, Enjoy Seoul Citypass Plus

去首爾,無論是自由行或跟團,我十分贊成大家買張Seoul Citypass Plus,尤如香港的八達通。

一卡Seoul Citypass Plus結合了T-money的交通功能與旅遊功能的交通卡。可使用於搭乘公共交通工具公車、地鐵、首爾城市觀光巴士、T-Money出租氣車、遊覽四大宮景福宮、昌德宮、昌慶宮、德壽宮與宗廟、支付便利商店的購物費用,還可以在文化、旅遊、觀覽設施、餐飲店、眼鏡店、髮廊等60多間加盟店獲得各種折扣優惠。


另外, Seoul Citypass Plus印製的圖案很精美,愛不釋手。

可參考 http://www.seoulcitypass.com

Seoul feels like home

Hello, Global Seoul Mates :
My name is Ioana. I am very pleased to be Global Seoul Mate and meet you guys.
Altought I have never been to Seoul, I only saw the amazing place only in pictures and videos. I know you all felt it like a amazing blending of past and present. Everything I know about it gives me a very pleasant stade of mind and spirit. I am eager to find out even more and to share everything with my friends here in my country.



2012春 ソウル 1日目


Temple Stay at Jinkwansa

Temple stay can be an enriching experience in Korea and widen your horizons towards religious tolerance and find peace within. I had the opportunity to experience Temple stay in Seoul at the famous Jinkwansa Temple, courtesy KEBKorea Exchange Bank, sometime in February 2012.

Here are some pictures which would help you to visualize the entire experience and know more about it, happy watching!

Seoul- The city whose Heart is always beating!

Dear Seoul Mates,

Glad to be part of you all and enjoy and share experiences of everyday life in this beautiful city,her heart is always beating and beating fast!

Hope to know all of you and feel being part of this great initiative and learn from it.

Add me as a friend of yours and a Seoul Mate and lets walk the way through unknown streets of Seoul TOGETHER……..!!!!

Good wishes,

Partha Pratim Roy

Picture paints a thousand words

Hello co-Seoul-mates!

They said Picture paints a thousand words so share your memorable Seoul pictures!
If you have instagram, upload your pictures now amd add me sart0210852 amd link your account to your facebook and twitter account!

Have a good to all!

Hello everyone

Hi Everyone!

My name is Gisela Verdin and I just wanted to get to know other Global Seoul-Mates.
Congratulations on becoming a GSM and lets share many stories about Korea!