Seoul is… a village

I couldnt sum it up in one picture and one word for the Global Seoul Mate challenge, so heres the message, surrounded by snapshots taken over the past 10 years, in the shade of homegrown ketnip: Seoul is… a village. Actually, a maze of villages.

Traveling in Seoul is a breeze

Traveling to another country for the first time is always worrisome. You dont know the people, coupled with having a hard time to get around.
But it was different when I went to Seoul–South Koreas capital, and a modern and bustling city that is home to about 10 million people.



Seoul is Dynamic


三清洞文化街結合現代潮流與傳統的要素,使韓屋改造而成的咖啡廳、紅酒吧、餐廳、藝術商店或是路邊小店,有其品味。另外,在首爾的國立劇場,有不同定期之舞台表演,十分好睇。而且,大學路是表演文化的集中地,無論大大小小或即興的表演都不會令你悶。再者以南韓街舞和嘻哈文化的發祥地弘益大學街等,展現出充滿動感的首爾。此外,很多追星韓國明星族來韓國首爾,韓國明星的而且確有其魅力。最後,不得不提Drawing Show或是亂打Nanta,給予最棒的讚。

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Seoul is Dreamlike 首尔是梦幻的





Buddhist Festival and Lantern Parade 2012

Since its inception in 2009, the annual Seoul Lantern Festival has managed to put on remarkable displays of lanterns on the famous Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown Seoul. During the festival period, hundreds of lanterns, each with a unique design and story, will be lit on Cheonggyecheon Stream. Visitors can expect to see lanterns made by international artists, as well as local citizens.

Saturday light fever in Seoul

In Seoul tomorrow? The lotus lantern festivals parade is on downtown.


免费的移动式外语服务人员~~ | 首尔自由行来到首尔旅行,即使不会韩语也没有关系。在游客多的景点,找这样穿红衣服的移动式外语服务人员,完全免费,而且非常热情。另外,如果走在大街上,找不到路或者有其他疑问

Raffle: Seoul to give away 20 tickets to Xiah Junsus concert in Thailand

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is giving away 20 tickets to JYJs Xiah Junsus concert in Thailand scheduled on May 27.




明天是韩国的公休日,不上班。。今晚找了一家汗蒸房,今天就在这里过夜啦 大家晚安。。。


庆熙大学,和平的殿堂。。。。。 汤唯领奖的地方~~ 很漂亮!