Jongmyo: 600 Years of Ceremonies

Jongmyo is a UNESCO World Heritage site, found in the heart of Seoul.
For years I would wander through the ground, enjoying the tranquility. This year, the replay of the Confucian ceremonies took me back to the 15th century, as Joseon kings came to reflect on ancestor glories, to invite past kings and queens to share a cup of wine and some food.. One must visit Jongmyo to experience memories of a 600-year dynasty. Visit my blog for more pictures and description.

Sungnyemun Ceiling, South Korea

Painted dragon ceiling detail of Sungnyemun Namdaemun, the 610-year-old Great Southern Gate marking the entrance to Seoul.

ソウル満喫 その2


Open Call : Inside Out Project

Welcome! We are participating in a global art project with 17 other cities around the world. Were taking 500 portraits of people in Seoul from now until July 15th. We will then send our pictures to New York to be printed, and they will send back 500 portraits from all the cities participating. We will then post the portraits around the city on September 21, World Peace Day, to help promote diversity and love.

Where : Hongdae Park : Hongdae Station Line 2

When : June 23 or July 1

Win a copy of Xiah Junsus Tarantallegra album

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is giving away signed copies of JYJ member Xiah Junsus Tarantallegra album. Joining the contest is easy.

I Love You Seoul

I felt your love for the first time in spring when Seoul was covered in fresh green
I felt your love on a hot summers day when Seouls sky was piercing blue
I felt your love when the trees along the streets of Seoul turned an autumnal hue
I felt your love when wintertime snow blankets Seoul in its white wonder
I will fall in love with you again in the morning when all is once more new
I will fall in love with you on days when the daylight shines upon the city
I will fall in love with you when the sun sets as the sky turns red and yellow
I will fall deeply in love with you when the stars twinkle brightly in the pitch black sky

Lots of heart… lots of love from and for SEOUL
have a great summer everyone!

チャングム気分♫ 手作り五味子茶


Seouls project = 2NE1 +

Seouls been called Asias newest melting pot of creativity. Now will.i.ams adding his favorite ingredients into the mix: The GhettoBlasterz DJ Poet, DJ Ammo,, and K-pop band 2NE1 and superstar producer Teddy. Using Intel-inspired Ultrabooks to intensify their creativity, theyll be whipping up fresh beats and finding a voice for South Koreas new generation.
The Ultrabook Project is a new music experience where creates 12 new songs, inspired by 12 great cities, using his Intel®-inspired Ultrabook™ system.

Eco-friendly Baseball: Volunteering with Seoul Volunteer Center

Have you ever head about Eco-friendly Baseball or EM-mud balls ? Well, I didnt know about it before making EM mud balls with cheerful and friendly people of Seoul Volunteer Center! June 14, 2012 at Jamsil baseball stadium, Seoul

The NSeoul Tower

Id like to share my blog link below on my visit up the NSeoul Tower with a free pass courtesy of the Seoul Convention Bureau.

KPOP – soul of Seoul

When I think about South Korea and also Seoul I think about music – KPOP.Nowadays this is connected with korean culture, thats why everytime I turn on internet browser I turn on KPOP radio and listen to sounds of modern Korea.

ソウル満喫 その1