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  • 对外籍居民交流文化活动经费的支持高达80%

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Notice

    Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hereby announces the support project to promote the variety of foreign cultural events in Seoul.

    2015 SupportProjectforSeoul’sForeignCommunity‘s CulturalEvents

    • 1. Eligibility : Foreign cultural events to be held during 2015 in Seoul
      • Cultural event, hosted by a foreign embassy or foreign community
      • Cultural event, hosted by a private organization
    • 2. Subsidy Amount
      • Partial support for event expenses (within 80% of total expense)
      • Maximum subsidy amount is limited to 7 million Korean won
    • 3. Application
      • Period : ’15. 2. 11(Wed.) ~ 2. 16(Mon.) 18:00
      • Documents to submit : Application Form, Documents of introduction of the organization, detailed event plan
      • ※ Please download the Application Form from SMG website, www.seoul.go.kr, and Seoul Global Center’s website, global.seoul.go.kr
      • How to Apply : By e-mail
      • Where to apply : Multiculturalism Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government

        – E-mail : happygoods@seoul.go.kr
        – Tel : (02) 2133-5076
    • 4. Others(All submitted documents will not be returned)
      • The criteria for selection is 1 event per country and thus non cultural exchange events such as private internal event, club event and fund raising event will be excluded from the cultural events support project.
      • Event which passed the screening will receive a notification, and special arrangement regarding the event will be made after the notification of results.
      • More than 1 event per country might be selected in certain circumstances(e.g. Events for celebrating the 2 countries’ diplomatic ties) Also, arrangements regarding the event like date and venue will be discussed and made with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.(All events have to be held before November)
      • After examing he reports of the each event, the grant will be provided within 30 days after the event if there is no problem.

    2015. 2. 3.

    Mayor of Seoul